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fresh sprouts of microgreens
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  • Strawberry Moon Farm Microgreens
    UPDATE: I am offering a Microgreen Subscription Service! Choose from three frequency options below, includes local delivery. Enjoy fresh greens throughout the year! Please consider Microgreens as a gift for yourself and for the people you love. I am excited to announce that I have begun selling homestead-fresh microgreens in my local area.  If you … Read More
  • Winter Greens
    We here at Strawberry Moon Farm hope you had a warm and festive Thanksgiving and are feeling the festivity of the season. We are excited to announce that we are introducing several new varieties for the winter season. All are cool-weather crops that grow well with shorter days, and provide a fresh alternative to bland, … Read More
  • New Microgreen Varieties Coming Soon!
    We here at Strawberry Moon Farm are beginning our preparations for Thanksgiving, making lists and planning kitchen use. It will be our first Thanksgiving hosting at our homestead as a multigenerational family, and we fear we may need a spreadsheet to organize it all!!! Blessings upon blessings. We hope you have much to be thankful … Read More
  • Ravishing Radish Microgreens
    Radish Microgreens are a favorite for adding flavor to dishes ranging from salads to stir fry to your favorite Mexican dishes. Because they are crunchy and add a bit of spice, radish greens are a perfect way to liven up scrambled eggs or your vegetable smoothies. My favorite way to use radish greens is to … Read More

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