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  • Forest lessons
    I am spending this week in the Adirondacks with friends, enjoying the peak foliage and eating far too much! Today, we hiked to the top of Sawyer Mountain, a 1 mile ascent with amazing views of Blue Mountain and many others. Whenever I spend time in the woods, I feel drawn to the trees and … Read More
  • Apple-palooza
    Fall is my favorite season by far. I love pulling out my sweatshirts, bonfires in the backyard and of course, apple picking. I come from a long line of farmers (see A Farm Family History) and until very recently was able to pick at my family orchard. Although the orchard has been sold, I was … Read More
  • A Few of my Favorite Sources
    Hi friends! I hope you are outside or at least sitting by an open window on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Since I moved into my childhood home with my family almost a year ago, I have been planning and implementing my homesteading ideas with lots of help from a variety of sources. I thought it … Read More
  • Small-town September
    Hi friends! This is the beginning of a monthly series of posts, opening the window to life in my small town. Each month brings a different feel and set of activities and I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride!

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