A Shift in Focus

Hi friends! When I began this blog last spring, I envisioned it as a place where I could share my experiences while setting up my homestead. This has included gardening, food preservation and alternative energy systems along with musings about life, and it has been a good way for me to chronicle my life and connect with all of you.

Now, however, I find my focus at the homestead shifting toward my growing (get it?) Microgreens business and I have decided to shift this blog accordingly. I plan to include occasional thoughts about life in addition to growing strategies, nutritional information and menu planning using greens.

I will also be scaling back to once-weekly posts rather than the 3-4 posts per week I have been aiming for since I began, in order to focus on my new growing and business opportunity. I hope you will enjoy and learn about nutritious, delicious and super-popular Microgreens. So until next time, I wish you fruitful days and quiet nights.

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