New Microgreen Varieties Coming Soon!

We here at Strawberry Moon Farm are beginning our preparations for Thanksgiving, making lists and planning kitchen use. It will be our first Thanksgiving hosting at our homestead as a multigenerational family, and we fear we may need a spreadsheet to organize it all!!! Blessings upon blessings. We hope you have much to be thankful for as well.

As we head into winter, it seems a perfect time to expand our greens offerings. There’s something about fresh, just harvested produce in the cold of winter that makes us smile! In addition to our Sunflower, Radish and Mixed Salad Greens, we will begin growing Pea and Leek microgreens. Pea greens have a crunch similar to sunflower, which several of our customers have requested. The Leek greens add delicious onion flavor to burgers and sandwiches.

Please consider trying one of our new offerings as they become available, as well as taking a look at our new Subscription Plan, which saves you money while allowing you to decide when and which greens you receive throughout the coming year. Thanks again for your support of our small farm.

white boots and orange pumpkin on the stair

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