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fresh sprouts of microgreens
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  • Ravishing Radish Microgreens
    Radish Microgreens are a favorite for adding flavor to dishes ranging from salads to stir fry to your favorite Mexican dishes. Because they are crunchy and add a bit of spice, radish greens are a perfect way to liven up scrambled eggs or your vegetable smoothies. My favorite way to use radish greens is to … Read More
  • Spotlight on Sunflower Greens 🌻
    Of all the greens I grow, I find sunflower greens to be the most accessible for people new to the microgreens world. They are crunchy and have a delicious nutty flavor. They are larger than most other microgreens so are easy to work with. As with most greens, sunflower greens contain many nutrients. In fact, … Read More
  • A Shift in Focus
    Hi friends! When I began this blog last spring, I envisioned it as a place where I could share my experiences while setting up my homestead. This has included gardening, food preservation and alternative energy systems along with musings about life, and it has been a good way for me to chronicle my life and … Read More
  • Strawberry Moon Farm Microgreens
    UPDATE: I am offering a Microgreen Subscription Service for 2022! Choose from three frequency options below, includes local delivery. Enjoy fresh greens throughout the winter and beyond! Please consider Microgreens as a gift for yourself and for the people you love. I am excited to announce that I have begun selling homestead-fresh microgreens in my … Read More

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